How It Work

Wirals Media connect publishers to other publishers & publishers to advertisers. The system is designed to fill the gap between social account holders to use their accounts to generate revenue.

How to add Page / Group

Register to wirals media and verify your email address to be able to login. Goto Dashboard > Pages / Groups (left menu) > Add Page / Group.
Another way to add Page / group is after login goto Dashbaord and click on 'Add' on the top menu then 'Add Page/Group'.
Listing Detail:
Type: Select page if you want to add page otherwise select group if you want to add group.
Request Title: This is the most important thing of your listing, request Title will be displayed to all the users on the web that represent your service. Always recommended to make appropriate and attractive Request title to get more & more orders. Best practice to include the number of fans/followers and price for at what you will share any content.


Payment method: Wirals Media support paypal payment method to deposit in you wiral's account and withdrawl the payment from this network.
Withdrawl: There are two time payment withdraw in a month, 1st of the month and mid(15th) of the month. If there is any urgent requirement request can be sent to our system. Urgent withdraw takes 5% extra and 24 hours timeframe (wording days).