About Us

Wirals Media is the only social media market place where advertiser and publisher work closely in a user friendly system.
We focus to make quick and easy deals and we make our system as a bridge to make trust for both advertisers and publishers. The best thing of Wirals media is it is providing the way to meet with thousand of similar niche social account holders who runs Facebook Pages, Groups and Youtube Channels, they are able to exchange services like video monetization.

Video Licence: Another unique feature of wirals media it allows video creators to sell their videos and give permission to other publishers to use their video. Publisher can buy a video on any topic and pay a price that was assigned by a video owner and use it. This feature is widely used by beginners of Youtube channel and Facebook Page where they are unable to start making money until they meet their monetisation policies, so they sell their video and make many even if it is their first video. Also people love to make extra money, and this is a way where video creator now selling those videos that they have used and earned money or any video that is no more making money then they love to sell it and start making money again.

Facebook Page: Not eligible for Facebook Adbreaks or Instant Article? Don't worry you can still make good money from your page by paid posting.
We found wirals media as the faster growing network for Facebook page where a new page admin found thousand of similar niche pages and ask them to share his/her page's post for a normal price.

Facebook Group: Millions of Facebook group running community on different topics but there isn't a way to make money through groups. We understand pain of a group admin how much time needed to maintain a group so wirals media allows group owners to register their groups and make paid posting and promote content.

Make Video Viral: Thousand of Pages and groups are registered on wirals media and waiting to post your video or other content on their pages and groups.