Group Name: 15 Million traffic

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Group Owner: Akashvai0.2

I have 15 million active traffic for desi and Hindi movie per million 11k inr for one month

*Desi groups with link video sharing* 


(1) Radha Rani =3.9m

(2) Radha Kumari=1.3m

(3) Pj choudhary =1.1m

(4) kavita singh = 2m

(5) Radha kumari =1.1m

(6) Radha rani =1.8m

(7) Priya gupta =586k

(8) Radha kumari से दोस्ती करने के लिए Gurup जांइन करे =1m

(9) Deepika Choudhary =598k

(10) Rada rani से दोस्तो करने के लिए गुरुप जोइन करे =532k

(11) superstar PJ choudhary 1m

Hollywood Tom Cruise

Monthly Share: $192.24

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